Our Mission

We are committed to:
  • Provide high quality products and service to all clients
  • To strive towards a multi-­‐discipline service approach
  • To support while expandour involvement to all communities in South Africa and beyond.
  • To maintain integrity while dealing with our valued clients.
  • Private Buildings
  • Fostering a non-­‐racial equal opportunity work and business environment.
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Our Philosophy

Our operating philosophy is to maximize the human potential through diligent and continuous focus on new strategies directed our clients' need. In pursuit of our Social Responsibility Agenda, we at BLUE DOT G SERVICES believe in fishing with the communities /people in fulfilling their basic and developmental needs, as opposed to fishing for them.

Our Values

In our guest to live up to this philosophy we espouse the following core values:

  • We commit ourselves to non-discriminatory business practice.
  • To strive towards a multi-discipline service approach
  • We remain mindful of the confidence, trust and responsibilities practice
  • We are driven by an uncompromising dedication to provide the highest quality product and service to our clients.
  • We believe that profitability and growth are vital for the long term growth and survival of our company
  • We believe that employees are entitle ton a safe, secure and healthy working environment as well as fairmarket related remuneration.
  • We strive for the achievement of the highest business, social and work ethics.
  • We continuously strive for excellence through utilization of appropriate technologies.
Our Objectives
Accessing and performing jobs on which the company can add value. Continuously improve skills, experience, production and productivity bases Achieving growth and profitability rates that put our company ahead of our competitors improve the quality of life through the mixing of technology and other resources.
Business Offers
Short and effective communication lines. Focus on clients and clients requirements. Good and sounds hands on experience. Clear strategic vision of company operations.

Development impact
Contribute towards the Economy of the country, while aiming to eradicate unemployment.

Business Quality Policy
To be enforce core values and persistence of the company in everything we do while we put safety first.